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Ceļošana ar mājdzīvnieku no Ukrainas

The Food and Veterinary Service informs that temporary easier entry requirements apply to pet animals entering Latvia from Ukraine.

Animals moved in conditions of extreme emergency may accompany travellers when all EU requirements are met, i.e.

  • the animal has been properly identified with a microchip;
  • the animal has been vaccinated against rabies and vaccination is still valid
  • the animal has a current serological test to determine the titre of anti-rabies antibodies;
  • animal accompanied by the veterinary health certificate, which includes signed declaration of the owner that animals are not subject to commercial movement.

In view of the situation, pet animals will be admitted to the territory of Latvia even if any of the above conditions is not fulfilled.

It will be possible for the owner of the animal to carry out all formalities and procedures  after entering Latvia.