The task of the Quality control is provide products with satisfactory quality importing them into EU.

Control subject are:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables quality and classification control;
  • Quality control of hops;
  • Plant protection products;
  • Conformity control of seeds;
  • Control of a forest reproductive material.

The assessment of fresh fruits and vegetables to conformity and classification requirements

Import to Latvia or to the other EU Member State fresh fruits and vegetables from third countries they must comply with European Union standards, approved by the label on the product packaging.

Control subjects are:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables;
  • Mushrooms and nuts

Business operators, at least 24 hours prior notice to the Food and Veterinary Service inspectors of the mentioned products import, either electronically or by fax by sending a Prior notification to First point of introductions (FPI) or Common Entry Document Part I to designated point of entry (DPE) or designated point of import (DPI) located in ports / railway / post / airport / road.

Inspection fees

Fee is charged on the basis of Cabinet of Ministers Regulation of December 17, 2019 No. 681 Regulations on the procedure for calculating and making payments for the state supervision and control activities of the Food and Veterinary Service, and paid services, Annex 3, Point 1.

EU Regulations:

Control of hops and hop products

Subjects of the control are:

  • hop cones;
  • hop powder and extracts.

EU Legislation:

Control of Plant Protection Products

Control subjects are chemical and biological plant protection products from third countries.

In Latvia or other MS may import plant protection products which are included in the register of plant protection products. Plant protection products may be imported to and distributed in Latvia by undertakings (companies) which have obtained a special permit (licence) issued by the Plant Protection Service.


EU legislation:

Seed material conformity control

Into Latvia or the other Member State may be introduced certified plant seeds and variety of the material must be included in the European Union common catalog of varieties or the Latvian Catalogue of Plant Varieties. Seeds need proper labeling on their packaging.

Subjects of the control are:

  • fodder plant seeds,
  • cereal seed,
  • vegetable seeds,
  • seed of oil and fibre plants.


EU legislation:

Control of the forest reproductive material

For import into Latvia forest reproductive material requires authorization of State Forest Service and document of origin issued by official service of exporting country.

Control is subject to:

  • plants, plant parts and seeds intended for the use of forest regeneration and afforestation and coming from third countries

EU legislation: