2017. - 2018. Moldova Twinning Contract MD 12 ENI AG 01 16 (MD/25) EU Twinning “Support to the National Food Safety Agency of the Republic of Moldova”
2015. - 2021. Central Asia Border  Management in Central Asia  - Phase 9 (BOMCA 9)
2016. - 2018. European union and Eastern partnership Organisation and implementation of training activities to strengthen EU law enforcement in Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) fields under the “Better Training for Safer Food” initiative, 2015/BTSF/04-OPERA
2013. - 2017. Albania Europe Aid contract "Improving consumer protection against zoonotic diseases in Albania" No. EuropeAid/133990/C/SER/AL in cooperation with NIRAS IC sp. Z.o.o., Poland and AGROTEC SpA in Italy
2014. - 2016. Serbia Twinning contract”Capacity building for Upgrading of Food establishments and Animal By-Product management in Serbia” No. SR 12 IB AG 02 in cooperation with respective authorities from the Netherlands and Denmark
2012. - 2014. Armenia Twinning contract „ Strengthening of animal origin and feed safety control in Armenia” No. AM11-ENP-PCA-HE-10 in cooperation with respective authorities from the Netherlands and Denmark
2011. - 2014.  Belarus

Europe Aid contract „Support to quality infrastructure in the Republic of Belarus” No. Europe Aid/131438/C/SER/BY in cooperation with respective authorities from France, Poland Belgium, Italy and Lithuania

2009. - 2011.  Ukraine Twinning contract “Support for Veterinary service in Ukraine to improve legislative and technical aspects in food safety and control systems” No.UA08/PCA/HE/15 in cooperation with respective authorities of the Netherlands and Denmark
2008. - 2010. Azerbaijan TACIS Twinning project „Support to the Improvement of Legal and technical Aspects of Food Quality and Safety Assurance and Certification requirements of Azerbaijani Fishery Products” No. AZ07-PCA-HE01 in cooperation with the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (VWA)
2005. - 2007. Jordan MEDA Twining project „Reforming of the Food inspection Services and Food Chain Laboratories in Jordan” No. JO04/AA/HE/02 in cooperation of Veterinary and Food Administration of Denmark