The Nordic-Baltic Veterinary Contingency Group (N-B VCG) is organizing a seminar on Animal Health Contingency Planning – focus on: vaccination, animal welfare, wildlife and costs.  The seminar will be conducted with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Target group

The seminar addresses personnel with special responsibilities in animal health preparedness, contingency work and animal welfare. This includes:

  • Persons / Institutions involved in contingency planning within the area of animal health
  • Veterinarians employed by national governments designated to handle animal disease emergencies, animal welfare and food safety
  • Diagnosticians from national reference laboratories covering infectious animal diseases
  • Veterinarians and other professionals employed by the livestock industry responsible for disease prevention, control and eradication, livestock economy and for animal welfare
  • Representatives of veterinary medical associations

 The objectives of the seminar

  • To review  vaccination against FMD/CSF/LSD/BT/AI, with special reference to emergency vaccination
  • To highlight and exchange views on animal welfare related to keeping food producing animals, trade in animals and controlling disease emergencies.
  • To address the importance of and methods of passive and of active surveillance for emerging and exotic diseases in wildlife
  • To share knowledge and experience  on costs  associated with outbreaks of Avian influenza and of   African swine fever and the application of farm biosecurity measures

The seminar starts with registration of participants at Hotel Pullman Riga Old Town, Riga at 08:30 – 09:10 on 3rd October and ends at 15:00 on 4th October 2018. Arrival of participants of the seminar is expected on 2nd October.

Day one will focus on the vaccines and vaccination programs, animal welfare during disease outbreaks and wildlife as a reservoir for animal and zoonotic diseases.

In the evening all participants are welcome to take part in a guided tour of the old Riga and a seminar dinner.

On day two we will continue the session on wildlife as a reservoir for animal and zoonotic diseases and in the afternoon session we will focus on costs of biosecurity and outbreaks.

Registration for the Seminar is now closed. 

Members of the Nordic-Baltic Veterinary Contingency Group:



Mail address


Siri Løtvedt



Anna Huda 


Maarja Kristian


Lounela Hanna


Sigríður Gísladóttir


Edvins Olsevskis


Paulius Busauskas  


Suha Mohammad

Contact person in Riga for the seminar:

Edvins Olsevskis: