The charge for services provided in the circulation of veterinary medicinal products is collected by the Food and Veterinary Service (FVS) in accordance with Annex 4 to the Regulation No. 681.


Food and Veterinary Service

Beneficiary registration number: LV90000064301

Bank account: LV31TREL2160324011000

Bank name: Valsts Kase


Payment procedure

  1. Before submitting an application to the FVS, the customer should pay for the service in accordance with the invoice issued by the FVS.
  2. Based on the payment application, which is filled in by the customer and submitted electronically sending it to, the FVS issues an invoice.
  3. In order not to delay an assessment of the application:
  • a proof of payment (POP) must accompany the application. The POP should contain the following information:
    • invoice number and ECC code;
    • the name and authorisation number of the veterinary medicinal product (if any);
    • procedure No, if applicable;
    • a brief description of the service, for instance - marketing authorisation.
  • additionally, the POP should be submitted together with the invoice issued by the FVS.

The application won’t be considered valid until the documents indicated in point 3 are received!

Please do not make a payment before receiving the invoice issued by the FVS!

Paid services provided by the FVS for the circulation of veterinary medicinal products are not subject to value added tax in accordance with Section 3, Paragraph 8 of the Value Added Tax Law.