Due to import control procedures for human and veterinary medicines from third countries Food and Veterinary Service evaluated product conformity with legislative acts. The Food and Veterinary Service is responsible to carries out control of compliance with labeling, safety requirements and check if human and veterinary medicines are included in the register of authorized medicines.

Subject of non-food product import control are:

  • Human Medicines (including herbal medicines for human use)
  • Veterinary Medicines
  • Medical Devices (if medical devices are together with medicines)

Food and Veterinary Service does not control export medicines consignment going to third countries.

The control of human and veterinary medicines originating in third countries are available on First point of introductions (FPI) (located in ports/ railway/ post/ airport/ road).

The human and veterinary medicines distribution permit only by licensed Importers, who according to legislative acts received a licence for medicines import. Before importing medicines Importers shall register in the:

More about authorization of:

Register of authorized:

Inspection Fees Fee is charged on the basis of Point 10, Anex 1 Cabinet No 1083 Adopted 8 October 2013

Data bases of legislative acts: 

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