Given the necessity to maintain full knowledge of the consolidated legislation and considering the fact that any amending legislation contains in its title at least the number of the amended legislation, as a purely practical assistance for those who wish to use the Internet to obtain legislation, the following approach is recommended:

1. Visit the following site (click on)

2. By pressing the search button, it will be possible to perform a search using search terms. If the number of the basic legislation is typed into the search for field, after pressing the search button again, the result will provide both the basic legislation, and all its every amendments still in force ordered by date. The legislation available in .pdf format can be studied right away. Nevertheless some of the legislation can be displayed in  .html format and therefore will not be convenient to work with. Moreover such texts do not contain any tables, lists and certificates. However, even the data for this legislation will contain the reference to the Official Journal where it was published, including the relevant pages.

3. In the latter case, having the correct reference to the publication in the Official Journal, one can either obtain the relevant copy from the addresses above or visit page Access to European Union law and after pressing the Official Journal button in the top left corner, search for and download the official version.

Data bases of legislative acts

European Commission DG Health and Consumers webpage