The Commission for information purposes has established and maintains food product nutrition and health indicator register, in which is planned to include such information:

  • permitted nutrition claims and the conditions applying to them;
  • permitted health claims and the conditions applying to them;
  • rejected health claims and the reasons for their rejection;
  • health claims for which authorisations have been issued on the basis of proprietary rights.

The register reflects the current status of the current indications. The register is for information purposes only and has no legal effect. Only the relevant EU legislation determines the legal status of nutrition and health claims for their authorization or prohibition. The register does not contain decisions on trade in substances for which claims are made.

The register is regularly updated, depending on Commission decisions on nutrition and health claims.

The Register of Health Claims contains all health claims that have been evaluated by EFSA and for which the authorization procedure has been completed.

EFSA evaluates health claims on the basis of the applications submitted and the evidence contained therein. Therefore, registration may include health claims for the same food, maintenance or any other ingredient or category of products, aswell health effects.

The register of health claims includes both permitted and rejected claims. Permitted indications may be used if if the conditions for their use are complied with.

The register also contains health claims, which are considered by the Commission and the Member States, with related comments.