N.B. The import conditions for Iceland, Switzerland, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Norway, San Marino and the Vatican are the same as for EU countries.

The import is considered non-commercial if:

  • the bird is with an accompanying owner or a natural person responsible for it on behalf of the owner during their movement, and
  • it is not intended to be sold or transferred to another owner, and the number of the birds does not exceed 5;
  • also the situation where the bird is transported in the cargo compartment and the owner (or representative of the owner) is sitting in the cabin is considered non-commercial.

Pet birds brought through the travellers entry point`s are subject to documentary and identity checks by the customs and can enter the Latvia if the third country has been listed in Commission Decision 2007/25/EC

These countries are the following: the OIE member countries falling within the competence of the OIE Regional Commissions:

  • Africa,
  • America,
  • Asia, Far East and Oceania,
  • Europe, and
  • Middle East.

Pet birds may be imported: 

1. If they conform to one of the following conditions:

  • they have been isolated at the place of export in the third country for 30 days before exporting or
  • the birds have been immunised within the last six months and not later than 60 days before export from the third country and at least once have been revaccinated against avian influenza using the H5 and H7 vaccine which has been approved for the respective species, according to the instructions of the manufacturer, or
  • the birds have been isolated for at least 10 days before exporting and tests for H5 and H7 antigen or genome have been performed for them; sample for test taken not earlier than the third day of isolation, and 
  • are moved to a household or another residence within the European Union and they must not be permitted to enter shows, fairs, exhibitions or other gatherings of birds during period of 30 days, except of movement to an approved facility of quarantine.

2. If the birds are identifiable (must have individual number which permits determining origin thereof, as well as identification system ‒ for instance, clip, ring, microchip, transponder, ear tag);

3. If a veterinary certificate and Declaration of owner or his representative  issued in accordance with the amendments by Commission Decision No 2017/2410/ and additional must be indicated: “The bird(s) must be moved to a household or another residence within the Union and must not be entered in shows, fairs, exhibitions or other gatherings of birds during the period of 30 days following entry into the Union, with the exception of movements to an approved quarantine facility following entry into the Union.”

For a transitional period until March 1 2018, is valid veterinary certificate issued according with the Annex II of Commission Decision No 2007/25/EK and Declaration according with the Annex III of Commission Decision No 2007/25/EK.


  • Please promptly verify whether the third country from which you plan to import the pet birds into Latvia has been included in the list of the approved countries!
  • If the pet bird does not correspond to the provisions, it may be returned to the country of origin or isolated for official supervision until the moment when the health requirements are met. 
  • In case of incompatibilities, the costs of isolation must be borne by the owner, therefore, check the conformity before your journey!
  • In the case when the animal cannot be returned or isolated, it may be subject to euthanasia without financial compensation.